8.5" x 11" Tri-fold Brochure

Full Color


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Pack of 40  -  $35.00

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The objective of this brochure is to inform the client of certain information that may be needed for international travel with their pet.  This way, when they state they are traveling, the brochure can be offered, informing the client of key elements that will need to be known before continuing with the process.  They can go home and gather information possibly unknown to a practice, especially if they are a new client.  In addition, the client becomes more informed of the process of preparation for travel.  This brochure aids the client in gathering information, but also benefits the practice - because as any veterinary staff responsible for the paperwork for international travel knows, an informed and prepared client makes the process so much easier.

Preparing For International Travel With Your Pet

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Informative Brochure for Clients