"You Turned And Everything Went.."

(inspired by the song "Black" by Ours)


L 8" x W 8" x H 5"

Miniatures, on Canvas Board

"Heart Landfill"

(inspired by the song 'No Surprises' by Radiohead)


L 8" x W 6.5" x H 15"

Air Dry Clay, Miniatures, Acrylic Paint

"The Son Is Drowning In The Flood"

(inspired by the song 'Say It Ain't So' by Weezer)


L 3.25" x W 3.25" x H 4"

Miniatures, Resin, Letter Beads, in Glass

"Seas Of Gold"

(inspired by the song "The Unforgiven III" by Metallica)


L 18" x W 6" x H 2.5"

​Miniatures, Resin, Bottle, on Tile


​(inspired by the song "Trees" by twenty one pilots)


​L 14" x W 11" x H 4.75"

Miniatures, Acrylic, on Canvas Board


(inspired by the song 'Us' by Regina Spektor)


L 10" x W 10" x H 8"

Miniatures, Dollhouse Dolls, on Liquid Canvas Board

"The Desert Of My Mind"

(inspired by the song "Addict With A Pen" by twenty one pilots)


L 7" x W 9.75" x H 16.25"

Miniatures, Mannequin Head, Collage, Sand, Clay, Resin, Acrylic

"The League Of Middle-Aged Men That Ride Aquatic Animals"


L 2.25" x W 2.25" x H 2.75" (each, approx.)

Miniatures, Resin

"Come And Get It"


L 3.5" x W 3.5" x H 1.75"

Miniatures, Resin, in Small Bowl

"Message In A Bottle"

(inspired by the song 'Sun Goes Down' by Icona Pop)


L 3.5" x W 3.5" x H 12.5"

​Miniatures, Resin, Pills, Air Dry Clay, in bottle

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" Shrimpin' "


L 9" x W 9" x H 4.25"

Miniatures, Resin, Shrimp

"The 1 Of Hearts"


L 8" x W 6" x H 1.25"

Miniatures, Playing Card, on Wood Board

"Dark Paradise"

(inspired by the song "Dark Paradise" by Lana Del Rey)


L 7.25" x W 5.75" x H 9.75"

Miniatures, Resin, Frame, in Wood Box